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MGA Nutrition

Doing OUR best to make you feel YOUR best.

Located inside of our gym, we are providing healthy alternatives to energy drinks, fatty desserts, and fast food with our meal replacement shakes. Stop by to try it out or order delivery!



We have a plethora of options when it comes to teas! Our teas boost metabolism, gives you good CLEAN energy for the day, and then we also have some that hydrate you with electrolytes without all the sugar that comes with Gatorade. These are definitely the most popular item we sell.


These shakes are tasty meal replacement options to give you a wonderful meal replacement. You'd never know these things were packed with protein due to the dessert flavors that make you feel like you're enjoying something that should make you feel bad!



Our coffees have a blend of protein coffee mix that goes wonderful with a donut! (Donut not included but highly recommended ;)


Okay, we know, not the best for calories or sugar intake. But MAN it's hard to beat a really good smoothie. If you can fit the extra calories, we love to go for one of these. We can also do add-ins like energy just like our other products!

Screen Shot 2021-09-27 at 4.33.46 PM.png


We have donuts and what we call mini pies. Both of these options are packed with protein and half the calories of a regular donut! Even less than half the carbs and sugar, but the same great taste you're looking for!

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