Class Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
Jumps – Courtney 4:00 pm 6:00 pm
Flexibility – Megan 5:00 pm 5:00 pm
Conditioning – Courtney 5:00 pm 5:00 pm
Beginner’s Flying – Courtney 4:00 pm
Hip Hop Dance – Courtney 4:00 pm
Level 100 Tumbling – Cierra 2:00 pm
Level 200 Tumbling – Cierra 4:30 pm


Jumps:  The purpose of this class is to help develop hyperextended jumps.  The class will teach the proper jumping techniques, show drills to teach athletes how to properly roll their hips to create a hyperextended jump, condition the athletes to help develop the strength required to become a point jumper, and give verbal feedback on how to improve your jumps. This class can be done inside or outside and is 30 minutes long 


Flexibility:  The purpose of this class is to help build the flexibility required to become not just a better tumbler, but provide the flexibility required to improve your jumps, become a better stunter as a base as well as a flyer, and to help reduce the chance of injuries. This class can be done inside or outside and is 45 minutes long.


Level 1-6 Tryout Review:  The purpose of this class is to help prepare your athlete for MGA’s tryouts!  The class is broken down based on levels and the athlete should already know the routine.  The instructor will review the routine making sure your athlete has the correct counts to the routine, answer questions on how to perform the routine correctly, review tumbling counts, and watch and critique your athlete’s routine and give them verbal feedback on what they need to focus on before tryouts.  This class can be done inside, but we prefer you do it outside so we can watch your tumbling skills. The class will last 30 minutes.


BackBend Kickovers:  The purpose of this class is to help your athlete with their backbend kickover as well as their back walkover.  We will use raised surfaces such as couches, couch cushions, chairs, walls and other objects to help safely teach the class. This class can be done inside or outside and will last 30 minutes.


Back Handspring:  The purpose of this class is to teach drills to help you with the back handspring.  The instructor will teach you safe drills to help create the muscle memory needed for a good back handspring.  We will watch and critique the back handspring for those who can safely do it on the surface that is available for them.  This class is NOT designed for you to try your back handspring for the first time. Athletes will also work on the strength, speed, and power needed for the Back Handspring.  The class can be done inside, but we prefer it to be done outside. Bring any mats you might have at home, a step that you can jump up to, a wall to put your feet on, and something of raised surface like a couch cushion.   The class will last 30 minutes.


Level 3-5 Skill Break Down:  The purpose of this class is to give kids verbal feedback on skills they can safely perform on grass or air track or whatever is available to them.  This is a great time to understand the proper angle to block for high-level skills, develop the power you need by performing multiple back handsprings, and getting feedback on what you can do better on the skills you currently have.  The athletes will work on the conditioning to develop the strength required by all-powerful tumblers. This class needs to be done outside, but in the event of rain, the instructor will have students condition inside. The class lasts 30 minutes.