MGA Middle School Training Program

Did you know: Most Middle School have between 40-60 kids who tryout for cheerleading and on average 16-20 kids will make the team.  This makes Middle School Cheerleading one of the most competitive teams for kids to make.

MGA has meet with local middle school coaches to see exactly what they are looking for when they are picking the top 16-20 athletes to make their team, and have created a program to help give kids a competitive advantage when it comes to tryouts this year.

MGA will use it’s values-based teaching model to help give your child the confidence he or she needs to stand out above the rest.  In order for us to help your child reach his.her goal of making the team, it is important for both the child and parent to understand what they are committing to.

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Child’s Commitment and Expectations

Goal Setting:  The first thing each child will receive a Roadmap to Success link to fill out before the first meeting.  Your child is expected to take some time to fill out this form prior to their first practice. We will use this information to teach your child how to set goals very specific goals.  When people set goals, they have a clear vision of what they want to achieve, why they want to achieve it, by when they want to achieve it and know exactly what is is really going to take to achieve their goal, This will become: “Their Roadmap To Success.”

Evaluation:  After creating their road map, on the first day of practice, each child will be evaluated using a 5 star rating on the following areas so we have a benchmark.

Flexibility-Day 1
Conditioning- Day 1
Jumps-Day 1
Tumbling-Day 1
Stunting-(since most kids don’t have experience stunting, we will evaluate stunts at the end of the program)
Work Effort and dedication-(Will be done at the end of the program.)

Work Ethic

We will create a written plan for each athletes to highlight his/her strengths, and help and improve their weakness.  Each child will be given homework to complete each and every week and will be required to have their accountability partner (you the parent) to film and sign off that the work was done.  This will allow the staff to make sure your child is using the proper technique at home and allow us to coach them even when we are not with them.

Dedication and Commitment

Your child is expected to be on time and attend a two hour practice once a week from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.  Please understand that most schools practice between 3-4 days a week so attendance is a must!  We will be keeping attendance which will used for their star rating on their athlete recruiting form.  This form will be send to your child’s school cheerleading coach so can see just how committed your child is.  Think of it like a teach recommendation, the better the recommendation, the more your child will stand out.


It is human nature to want to give up when things get hard, or if we don’t achieve something the first time.  The staff at MGA is amazing at inspiring kids to reach beyond their limits to achieve the goal they have set for themselves.  Your child will have monthly meeting with their coaches to show them just how far they have come to help them continue to grow!

Celebrating their success

When a child reaches a mini goal, they will ring the bell so they can be proud of what they have accomplished.  The more mini goal that they accomplish the more confident they will become.

Parent’s Commitment and Expectations

When we polled local Middle School coaches the number one character trait they look for, was commitment. They wished kids and parents alike, understood what exactly what they were committing to when it came to becoming a middle school cheerleader.

Parents play a very important role in the success of their children.  Here are a list of things that parents need to be willing to commit to.

Parent Meeting

We will have a parent meeting November 8th at 8:00 pm.  This meeting will last only 30 minutes and will be a time for you to meet your instructors as well as for us to tell parents what they can expect from our program.

Time Commitment

Class is every Tuesday from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm, you are expected to have your child to practice on time.  On our final evaluations that we send to coaches, we will let them know how many practices your child attended and how often they were late.  

Financial Commitment

This class is a 5 month commitment starting January 8th and finishing May 28th. MGA will only be taking 30 kids into this program.  The cost is a $45 registration fee to hold one of the 30 spots and $85 a month. While most schools are having tryout late March early April, the coaches poll found it imperative that the kids continue through May so they can continue to learn before they start summer practices.

If you are ready to hold one of the 30 spots, simply fill the form out below, and we will send you the link to register for our  Middle School Training Camp.

PS:  If you need a great Christmas that your child will cheer about, please let us know and we will be happy to type up a certificate for you to place under the Christmas Tree.