1. 3 Halloween Party Ideas That Have Nothing to Do With Candy

    The temperatures are dropping and there’s that unique chill in the air that can only mean one thing… Halloween is near! There’s nothing quite like throwing a party to celebrate the spookiest day of the year… one that centers around creepy creatures and sugar highs. But about those sugar highs… let’s be honest, beyond the energy bursts, they bring with them obvious empty calories and de…Read More

  2. Top 5 Questions To Consider When Choosing The Right Cheer Gym!

    It’s that time of year again! Yes it is tryout, skill evaluations, team placement, or what ever else you want to call it. It is that time of year where cheer gyms and gymnastic gyms alike, are looking to fill their competitive all-star teams roosters. Whether your are a professional All-Star parent who has been involved for years, or a new parent wanting to get your child involved, here are the …Read More