From helping your child burn off some extra energy to inspiring them to finally throw their back tuck, our job is to teach proper tumbling form and confidence. With our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, as well as passionate and knowledgeable tumbling coaches, your child is always set up for success. We teach the dedicated cheerleader and the tumbling enthusiast alike, so don’t worry if cheerleading isn’t your child’s pastime. We would be delighted to have them in our tumbling classes regardless. Be sure to check back often for tumbling conditioning, strengthening, and flexibility tips.

  1. 5 Key Stretches To Help You Become a Powerful Tumbler

    5 Key Stretches to help you become a powerful tumbler Have you ever watched and wondered how some people become amazing tumblers?  Well at MGA Cheer Extreme, one of the tips we like to share is that shoulder flexibility, is what gives you the speed, power, and technique required for the higher level skills.  Flexibility is something that you can improve at home, and can even be done while watchi…Read More

  2. Understanding Tumbling Progression

    Whether your child is a tumbling expert by now or they’ve never attempted a forward roll, MGA Cheer Extreme is here to help. Many parents aren’t sure how tumbling progression works when they first enroll their child in tumbling classes. How long should it take for their athlete to learn a back handspring? When will they be ready to move up to another level? We are here to answer some of the mo…Read More