Whether you’re a parent looking for a new athletic activity for your child or a high schooler ready to learn the basics of tumbling before cheer tryouts next season, we are happy to have you here. Tumbling is an exciting activity that translates into all areas of life. Tumblers develop stronger muscles, incredible flexibility, and unparalleled body control. However, it takes some time to develop the necessary skills. Today, we’re sharing what you need to know to be ready for your first tumbling class.

Tumbling may not come easily.

Even if you are naturally athletic, doing tumbling well demands discipline, practice, and precision. We will help you with all of that, but just know that your first time will be hard! You’re engaging new muscles you probably aren’t accustomed to using and placing weight on areas of the body that aren’t used to that type of pressure. However, after a few sessions and diligent attention to your drills, you’ll be surprised how much progress you can make. Just stay optimistic and keep trying.

Listen carefully to instructions.

While something may look easy enough, it’s important to listen to all the tips and tricks your instructor shares. For example, a handstand forward roll might seem simple, but forgetting to tuck your chin on the roll can mean falling right onto the top of your head. If something isn’t quite clear to you, please don’t be shy. Ask us! We would be happy to break down the skill in a different way that will allow you to approach it with confidence. 

Understand progression and don’t fight it.

We make sure everyone completes certain skills before they learn anything more advanced. While there are exceptions to this sometimes, you should never assume you can just “skip” a skill to learn something harder. We know all athletes want to be able to do a standing tuck, but a backward roll has to be mastered first. You can’t do a running tumbling pass until you can consistently do a great roundoff! It might be frustrating to have to work on the basics before moving on to the “cool stuff,” but trust us — perfecting the core skills will ensure you stay safe no matter how far your take your tumbling skills. 

Have fun!

Tumbling is exciting and can be extremely fun, as long as you approach it with the right attitude. Put on some comfy clothes, bring your water bottle, and get ready to learn new skills while having a blast. We can’t wait to teach you the ropes.

At MGA Cheer Extreme, we believe in providing a fun and encouraging environment for every athlete who stops by our gym for a class. From our world-class instructors to our state-of-the-art equipment, we have everything you need to reach your fullest potential. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our schedule, our program, and our pricing. If you’re not sure whether tumbling is the right fit for you, that’s okay — your first class with us is free! Call now to reserve your spot.