You’ve been working hard for months on getting your new tumbling skill. Finally, it happens! You landed safely without a spot, and you are ready to start throwing the skill in your routine — or so you think. Unfortunately, just because you’ve landed something once does not mean you’ll be able to do it at any time. Today, we are going to examine what makes a tumbling skill permanent. Learn your new tumbling skills by getting in touch with MGA Cheer Extreme for tumbling classes in Macon. 


Many athletes wonder exactly how long it will take to master a skill, but the question should really be, “How many times do I need to complete a skill in order to be truly good at it?” Ask any level 3 tumbler to do a forward roll, and you’ll likely see perfect technique with controlled movements. However, they don’t have to think about their forward roll very hard. Why? Because they have done it so many times that their bodies know what to do. They trust that they will land the skill, and their muscle memory takes over for them. Only the repetition of a skill can get you to the point where the pass feels automatic. 

Proper Technique

You can perform a skill 500 times, but if you do it with improper technique every time, there is nothing to ensure that the 501st time is going to be the one that looks great. Start with proper technique from the very start of learning the skill. It may feel easier to get over in your back handspring if you bend your knees to pull you over, but you will never be able to progress safely and proficiently until you fix that issue. The right technique not only can help you land a skill faster, but it can keep your progression steady throughout your tumbling career. 


In the end, it’s really confidence that allows tumblers to truly become great. If you hesitate part way through a skill, it’s possible that you could injure yourself. It’s only by committing fully that you know you’ll be able to complete your skill with confidence. This is easy for most people attempting forward rolls or cartwheels, but that confidence can quickly fade as we move onto aerials and back tucks. Don’t worry, though. With drills, repetition, and proper technique, you can slowly develop the confidence you need to safely throw your skill each and every time. 

MGA Cheer Extreme Tumbling Classes

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