We get asked all the time, “would private lessons help my son/daughter improve their skills?” To be honest, the answer is always a resounding “YES!” Tumbling classes and team practices are wonderful for developing your technique and growing as a team. However, if you’re ready to push yourself to your full potential, private lessons are absolutely the best choice. Sign up for a private lesson today with your favorite coach at MGA Cheer Extreme.

One-on-One Attention

When in a class setting, coaches provide feedback for each child. It’s common to make most of the class perform drills while one athlete performs a skill with the coach spotting them. During this time, their attention is on the athlete in front of them. After just a few repetitions, that athlete will go back to doing drills so someone else can have their turn with a spot. This is an effective way of running a tumbling class, but it’s challenging to give extensive drill feedback. If you really want your athlete to succeed and develop new skills, it can happen at a much faster pace in a one-on-one setting. 

The coach can point out technique issues and spot problems from the start. Your athlete will be guided through drills, ensuring they do everything exactly as they should be. The combination of these two things not only helps your athletes learn new skills quickly — it also helps them learn them correctly.

Move at Your Own Pace

Tumbling classes are great, but what happens if you aren’t at the same place everyone else in your class is? You may be working on your front punch, but the rest of the class may already have theirs. Or worse, you could have a skill perfected that the rest of the class needs to learn. Athletes have very little say over their tumbling class curriculum, but private lessons allow them to decide what they want to work on — within reason, of course. Whether you want to be in your team’s tumbling section and want to clean up your back walkover to back handspring, or you are ready to push for your level 4 skills, a private lesson can get you there. Your coach listens to your specific goals and creates a plan based solely on your skills. 

Instead of waiting for the rest of your tumbling class to catch up, you have the freedom to design your own lesson. We’ll only focus on what you need help with, and you can work on the rest during your normal class times. 

Tumbling with MGA Cheer Extreme

Your athlete wants to grow and reach new heights. We’re here to help them do it. Whether you’d like to enroll in tumbling classes, sign up for a private lesson, or learn more about our teams, we’d be happy to talk to you about all your options. Get in touch with our staff today to learn more about our private lesson program and what we can do for your athlete. Train smarter and harder by turning to our team for assistance.