5 Key Stretches to help you become a powerful tumbler

Have you ever watched and wondered how some people become amazing tumblers?  Well at MGA Cheer Extreme, one of the tips we like to share is that shoulder flexibility, is what gives you the speed, power, and technique required for the higher level skills.  Flexibility is something that you can improve at home, and can even be done while watching TV.  Here are 5 shoulder flexibility exercises you should do at home if you want your tumbling to improve.

Proper Bridge

Make sure you keep your head in and instead of walking your feet out, make sure you push through your shoulders until your legs are straight.


Bridge on your elbows

The elbow bridge is a variation of the bridge with the fact that you perform the bridge on your elbow.  Make sure your elbow are out to the side and you are opening your shoulders, by pushing through your feet.  It is important that you engage your glutes and core.


Cat Stretch

Keep arms nice and tight next to your ears, your head between your arms, and sit back on your feet.  Try to push your shoulders down towards the floor. You can use a partner or an elevated surface for this stretch.


Using a broomstick or PVC pipe, lay on your stomach with your stomach making sure you are squeezing your glutes and abdominal muscles.  This should create more of a hollow effect to keep the stretch in your shoulders. Grab the broomstick as close as you can and lift it over your head.  This drill will start to teach the open shoulder position that you need for powerful tumbling.

Band Stretch

You will need a thermo band for this exercise.  Have the athlete lay on their stomach grab the thermo band take the band up and rotate your shoulders bring them by your side.  Then bring your arms up again rotate your shoulder and return to your starting position. This is sure to help improve your range of motion as well as the speed in your tumbling.

While kids spend hours on their trampolines at home, if you really want to take your tumbling to the next level, make sure to improve your shoulder flexibility.  If you need help with these drills or would like to learn others ways to become a powerful tumbler, feel free to contact of of MGA facilities for your FREE skill evaluation.