It is that time of year when cheer and gymnastics gyms are having open enrollments for their competition cheer programs!  MGA Cheer Extreme will be hosting skill evaluations for its 2020-2021 cheer program on April 26th- May 6th 2020.  Whether you are new to all-star cheerleading or simply new to MGA Cheer Extreme, here is a FAQ to help you through the process.


  1.  What are skill evaluations?  MGA knows the importance of placing your athlete on the correct team.  If an athlete is placed on a team in which the overall skill level is too low, the athlete will get bored and often not find it challenging. On the other hand, if the athletes are placed on a team where the skill level is too high, then the athlete gets discouraged and most of the time loses confidence in themselves. At MGA Cheer Extreme, we do not use skill evaluations to cut kids, but more to make sure they are placed correctly.  The reality is since MGA is the largest all-star program in Middle Georgia, we have a team for all ages, skill levels, and are able to place your child on a team with kids their same age and skill level.


  1.  How do I know if MGA is the place for my child?  May is the perfect time to shop around! Know what you are committing to, how long the facility has been in existence, what is important to your child, and most importantly–the quality of instruction. Most people who are new to the All-Star world often make a $2000 to $3000 mistake by choosing a facility that is close to their home instead of taking the time to shop around.  After a year, they quickly realize that they made a very expensive mistake and should have taken the time to look at different locations. At MGA Cheer Extreme, we will be having an open house in April for anyone who would like to experience what it means to be #mgastrong!  This is a perfect time to talk with the MGA Staff and more importantly talk to customers to see why they like it at MGA Cheer Extreme.  For more information regarding our open house, simply call (478) 475-0558 and ask for Jimmy Redus


  1.  Does my child have to have experience?  While I can’t answer this question for other facilities, I can tell you that MGA Cheer Extreme has a team for all ages, commitment levels, and skill levels.  Click here for a comparison guide of our Novice Teams, Regional Teams, and Elite Teams. All Stars is great for kids who want to be involved in a team sport, perfect to help kids come out of their shells, and pivotal in instilling discipline and structure.  


  1.  How can I set up a time to take a tour of your facility?  We would love to set up an appointment for you and your athlete to come check out MGA Cheer Extreme.  Simply click here to set up your FREE, NO OBLIGATION gym tour and see if your child wants to be part of the MGA Family!


  1. Ready to join the team?  If you already know that MGA is the best place for your athlete, simply click here to download our skill evaluation packet, as well as get information on how to sign up for the 2020-2021 season.