Summit Schedule


We have received the preliminary schedule for D2 Summit.  Please expect some changes, but by now the schedule should be within an hour variance.  Please look at the schedule below to see your team’s meet time.  Spectators should not enter the ESPN Center no earlier than 45 minutes before your athlete’s competition  time.



Meet Time


ESPN Center      

       Compete Time       Arena Line Up Time            Reveal Time
Dark Matter 9:00 am 10:45 am


     Field House       

10:25 AM


1:00 PM


Lady Orbit 10:00 AM 11:55 AM Visa Center 11:35 AM


3:00 PM


Infinity 10:00 AM 12:05 PM Arena East 11:45 AM


7:00 PM


Vortex 12:45 PM 2:35 PM Visa Center 2:15 PM


5:00 PM


Zero Gravity 4:00 PM 6:05 PM Arena East 5:45 PM


9:00 PM