MGA Releases Tryout Dates For It’s 2020-2021 Season!


MGA is excited to celebrate 25 years of making athletes #MGASTRONG!  While COVID-19 put a damper on last year’s season, MGA is determined to make its 25th year the most successful season yet.  With the announcement from Governor Brian Kemp that Georgia will start to open back up for business, MGA released their skill evaluation information for the 2020-2021 season.


Skill Evaluations will take place on May 29th and May 30th.


  Each athlete that registers for skill evaluations will receive a link to our skill evaluation tryout routine, links to sign up for your skill evaluation day and time, along with important information regarding MGA’s skill evaluation process.


The cost of skill evaluations will be $65.


For those people who sign up early, you will have the opportunity to sign up for a tumbling class in the month of May. Once you sign up and pay for your skill evaluations, send an email to and one of our staff members will get you signed up for a class.  Along with your tumbling class, each athlete will receive MGA’s 25-year skill evaluation t-shirt and 25-year skill evaluation bow on the day of their skill evaluation.  

If you are ready to become MGASTRONG here is a video on how to get signed up for our 2020-2021 skill evaluations you can click here to be sent to our parent portal to sign up.


MGA Phase Program – Phase 1


MGA Cheer Extreme will reopen on May 4th, 2020.  By waiting for an additional two weeks, this will give us time to evaluate how these new government standards will affect the people in our communities.  It has always been MGA’s policy to do what is best for all of our MGA athletes, family members, and staff.  Provided there is not an increase in COVID-19 cases in middle Georgia,  it is our intention to open under our Phase 1 plan with limited class sizes as alternating class hours.   For details regarding MGA Cheer Extreme’s COVID-19 Phase plan, click here.


What to expect at MGA Cheer Extreme Skill Evaluations


Once you sign up for your skill evaluation, you will receive an email with all the important information and paperwork.  We encourage you to take a moment to fill out skill evaluations paperwork and email to  When your athlete checks in on the day of his or her skill evaluation, they will go through a 5 step process.


Step 1: Turn in paperwork (if you did not do so ahead of time).They will receive their skill evaluation number, their MGA t-shirt, MGA bow, and will be asked to go change. 

Step 2:  We will take the athlete’s standing reach measurements

Step 3:  We will take a picture of your athlete

Step 4:  Head to the gym to warm up, where each athlete will get no more than 20 minutes to stretch, warm-up, and practice their routine.

Step 5:  Perform their skill evaluation.


Following your athlete’s skill evaluation, they will be dismissed and meet you at the car.


Will my athlete have to stunt?


Due to COVID-19, we are anticipating still being in phase 1 of our COVID-19 plan.  Therefore, we have removed the stunting element for tryouts.  Athletes will be judged based on their skill evaluation routine.  In the event an athlete is struggling with the stunt expectations of his or her team following placements, the staff reserves the right to make adjustments later in the season. Click here for more information regarding how MGA places its teams.


Does everyone make a team?


Our skill evaluation is just that–a time for us to evaluate your athlete’s skill.  Each child will be placed on a team based on their age and skill level.  Because MGA has different commitment level teams, age level teams, and different skill level teams, we feel confident that we will have a team for your athlete.  Click here for more information on our teams.


If you have any other questions regarding our skill evaluations, please email