Tattnall Square Academy
This month’s Middle Georgia Cheer Extreme featured school is Tattnall Square Academy. Tattnall was voted January’s featured school, not just for what these girls do on the field, but what they do to help support their community.

Kids Yule Love

SlayTattnall Square Academy is Middle Georgia’s largest contributor to the Kids Yule Love program! Every year at Christmas, Tattnall reads “Twas the Night before Christmas” Tattnall style! The cheerleaders help in this production by dressing up as one of Santa’s tiny reindeer while pulling a slay around the gym, being some of Santa’s helpers, or dressing up as a toy. This year Tattnall donated well over 600 toys to Kids Yule Love.Elves

Changing of the Guard

In 2012-2013, Tattnall hired Dannielle Baggarley to take over the cheerleading program. In speaking with Dannielle she says “It takes a big commitment to be a Tattnall Cheerleader. The girls practice about 6 hours a week, cheer for football games, cheer for basketball games, keep up their school work, all while trying to get ready for competitions.” Unlike most private schools where the students are involved in every sport, Tattnall asks that their athletes commit to just one sport, and put all of their efforts into that sport. When asked about the Tattnall Cheer Team’s biggest accomplishment, Dannielle was quick to say “when we won Battle at the Boro! Our girls saw an opportunity to win and all they had to do was hit a routine, and they did. I felt like that was a turning point in our season, because the girls realized that through hard work and dedication they could accomplish a goal they had set.” Dannielle plans to continue to build upon the foundation that she started last year. Dannielle’s motto is “perfection before progression!” She looks forward to improving the skills that the girls learned last year before taking them on to new skills. Dannielle feels by doing this, the team will get strong, and help her team look better on the floor as they enter the GHSA.


When asked “what can a new Tattnall Cheer expect at tryouts” Dannielle said “Hard Work! I am not just looking for talented cheerleaders; I want kids who are willing to do what it takes for the team. I can always make kids better cheerleaders, but I cannot give kids a better attitude.” Dannielle’s goal for 2014-2015 seasons is to have squad handsprings. To help accomplish this goal Dannielle has set up a tumbling class at Middle Georgia Cheer Extreme for any Tattnall student who is thinking about trying out this year. While Dannielle does not have an exact date for when tryouts will be held, she did say they are expecting to have tryouts in April.

Team Tattnal

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