We are only 1 day away from our 2019-2020 skill evaluations, and we are so excited and proud that you have decided to become #mgastrong.  The purpose of this email is to give you all the information you will need for your athlete’s clinic day, as well as their skill evaluation date.


What to Wear


All athletes should wear athletic shorts, full length t-shirt or tank top, shoes that lace up, and have hair pulled up in a ponytail with a bow in.  During registration each athlete will get an MGA T-Shirt and a plain white bow.  For Skill evaluations, your athlete needs to wear black athletic shorts, along with the MGA T-Shirt and white bow that was provided for them at registration.   


MGA Philosophy


It is the MGA philosophy that we will only choreograph 80% of the skills that our athletes have truly mastered into a competition routine!  It is this philosophy that helps to make all of our athletes successful on the floor, resulting in excitement instead of nervousness the day of competition.  


What Level Team Will My Child Be On With Skill “fill in the blank”?


MGA has set a  goal to have each team win a national competitionship, and take home a jacket!  Because this is a pretty lofty goal, we will look at the whole cheerleader and make sure each team is set up to be successful.  Because competition companies evaluate our teams based off of categories and certain drivers, this year we created a form using those same drivers.  Each athlete will be evaluated on the criteria below and their ability to earn the drivers.


  1. Standing Tumbling
  2. Running Tumbling
  3. Jumps
  4. Dance and performance
  5. Appearance
  6. Flyers will be judged on stunts.


You can download a sample of our 2019-2020 rubric form by clicking here.


List of Skills Per Level


While your child’s success does not depend on the level team he/she makes, MGA does like to help kids reach their goals.  We have comprised a rubric of the skills for each category and each level. We hope by providing you with this rubric your athlete has a better understanding of what their true level is.



This year kids trying out as flyers will be the only athletes that will stunt the day of tryouts.  We will rank each flyer based off the highest level of team they are eligible for. This means if I have 8 flyers trying for 5 flying spots on a level 2 team we will place the best 5 flyers on level 2 and the rest on level 1.  Flyers will be ranked based off of flexibility, confidence, performance, how they attack the stunt, and their ability to maintain a good flyer line.


Suggestion- If being at the highest level is more important to your child, I would have them tryout as both a base and a flyer.  


What Levels Will MGA Have?


MGA never promises which levels we will have until we place our teams.  Over our 23 years of experience, we have found that MGA is more successful when we set our teams’ level based off the athletes true level, instead of having teams that are certain levels and trying to make our athletes fit that level.  (Last year MGA had level 1-4, but we have fielded all level teams throughout our 23 years)


Athlete Feedback


At the teams’ first practice, your coach will hand out their evaluation form so they know the drivers they accomplished, and what they need to work on to make sure the team reaches it goals.  We will be happy to sit down and cover each child’s evaluation form with you after our first week of meetings and practices.


We are looking forward to an amazing 2019-2020 season and want to thank you for giving MGA the opportunity to be a part of your child’s village.  If you have any questions regarding our skill evaluation process, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.



Jimmy Redus