You’ve watched athletes do crazy flips, twists, and acrobatics across the floor. You’ve watched in awe as their toes fly to the sky in their jumps. Maybe you’ve even gasped as a group of them tosses an athlete in the air and they spin down back into their bases’ arms. At some point during all of this, you’ve thought to yourself, “I want to learn how to do that.”

At MGA Cheer Extreme, you can.

We get many athletes asking us if they can be a cheerleader if they have never done it before. While many kids start at a young age (5 or 6), we will see quite a few athletes walk into our program in their teens with no previous experience. That’s totally okay! We welcome athletes of all ages and all experience levels. Whether you took a cheer camp class at school and you’re ready to try competing, or if you have only watched from the sidelines and stands, we promise we have a class for you.

However, you might be wondering what else you can learn from becoming a cheerleader, other than just the fancy flips and stunning stunts. We’re here to answer that question!

Improved Social Skills

Cheerleading is a team sport. While you can excel on your own, there is no possible way to get a stunt in the air without communicating with your teammates. From encouraging one another in a stunt to cheering each other on during a challenging tumbling pass, cheerleaders have to effectively communicate with one another to get anything accomplished. They also need to be able to take responsibility when a mistake is their fault. This accountability and communicative environment enhance social skills at all ages and experience levels.

Improved Physical Strength

After just one practice, you’ll see how challenging cheer can truly be! From the stamina needed to complete a 2:30 routine to the strength required to hold a flyer above your head, cheerleaders are strong. They are in shape. We give our athletes the necessary tools and guidance to grow stronger with every practice. Improved flexibility and heightened coordination are both part of the cheer territory as well. Cheerleaders are full-body athletes, meaning our skills don’t come from just our legs or our arms. Grow stronger, more flexible, and more confident by giving cheerleading a try.

Heightened Mental Skills

Cheerleading takes focus. Athletes must be alert to their surroundings at all times to prevent a collision or detrimental mistake to their routine. During practice, athletes often have to work together to discover why something went wrong. Tumbling demands a strong understanding of physics and how it is applied to the mechanics of the body. At the end of the day, cheerleading isn’t just a physical workout — it’s a mental one too. Many of our athletes become better at their school work and improve their grades after enrolling in our cheer program, simply because it helps heighten their focus and concentration skills.

Cheerleading Benefits Athletes

At the end of the day, whether you want to become stronger, smarter, or better in social settings, cheerleading is the sport for you. MGA Cheer Extreme is the place to do it too! We encourage all of our athletes to be the best version of themselves, both inside and outside the gym. See what we can do for you by reaching out to us today.