We see hundreds of talented athletes each and every week working hard. From coming in four days a week to work on their skills, to asking what they can do at home to get better, MGA Cheer Extreme is FILLED with dedicated cheerleaders who are ready to do what it takes to better their team. We love it, and we feel so happy to have these athletes at our gym. 

However, anyone who knows anything about cheerleading can tell you that performing is about much more than executing a skill.

Don’t get us wrong, we love a beautiful tumbling pass. A quality heel stretch is always going to help improve the appearance of a stunt. When everyone’s arm placement is just right in their jump sequence, we feel over-the-moon excited about it. But the missing element that both the coaches and judges are looking for? Performance. 

Energy and Excitement

If you’ve ever been to a cheer competition before, you know what it’s like to watch team after team hit the mat. You probably also know how easy it is to disengage, pay attention to your phone when it isn’t your team performing, or decide that now is a good time to get a snack. But what happens when an exciting team steps onto the mat? You know the one. Once the music starts, you just can’t seem to look away.

They may not necessarily have the best tumbling or the most impressive stunts, but you can just feel their energy. The crowd is going wild, and the athletes all have bright, excited faces. They know that this is their moment, and they are taking full advantage of it. 

The best cheerleaders do this at competitions, certainly — but the truly incredible ones do it at practice too. 

Take a moment to consider your energy levels at practice. Do you give 100 percent each and every time you step on the mat? Do you smile until your cheeks hurt? Do you perform all of your motions to the point where it becomes automatic? Starting to do this now, at the beginning of the season, is going to make all the difference when we head into competition season. If we want to stand out, we need the energy and genuine enthusiasm for our sport, our routine, and our gym to shine through. 

Always Striving to be the Best

No matter what level you may be on or what your tumbling skills may be, you can always bring the right attitude and energy to the gym when you get to work. We promise that an upbeat attitude and a willingness to learn will always shine through more than a talented athlete who rolls their eyes when they receive correction.

Let your personality shine through your performance. Engage the audience. Look excited. Show them that, not only are you NOT tired (even if you feel like you’re dying), but you’re having FUN out on that mat. Trust us — it will come across to the coaches, the crowd, and the judges. That’s how champions are made.

We can’t wait to see you in the gym again for practice! To learn more about our cheer gym, our program, and our available classes, get in touch with our team today.