Choreography can be a long, draining, and stressful process if you aren’t prepared. The good news is, we are here to help. As we get ready to learn our routines for the season, it’s important to keep in mind that the coaches and choreographers are doing everything in their power to give us a fun routine that will keep us competitive when we face other gyms. So, let’s have fun, learn some new moves, and get this season started!

Know Your Strengths

First and foremost, understanding the cheerleading score sheet can help you understand the “whys” of choreography. For example, why are you in the front for jumps, but you’re doing a stunt during the tumbling section? Score sheets determine how many people on a team need to do a skill in order for the team to receive full points. While you may have all the tumbling required for this routine, how many people don’t? Do they want your help adding additional elements during that section? Many choreographers and coaches want athletes to feel empowered and excited about their routines, meaning they will rarely give them more to handle than they are totally confident doing. 

Connect With Teammates

Your team may still be uncertain of one another, but that’s okay. Choreography is a great time to sit down with new friends and get to meet each other and connect on a deeper level. Find out how long everyone has been cheering, where they go to school, and what other hobbies they have. Who knows? You might make a new best friend in just a few minutes. One of the best ways to connect with your teammates and stunt group is to bring in some treats to share. It’s always good to have snacks, but sharing can help you break the ice and give others something to smile about. 

Get Your Rest

Tired bodies don’t learn well, and they don’t perform well either. If you are preparing for choreography, it’s important to get your sleep and your downtime before you get into the hard stuff. Sleep not only allows our bodies to rest after a long day of exertion, but it also boosts our ability to learn and retain information. This includes the new moves and counts you learned for your routine. Aside from just sleep, make sure you are taking good care of yourself and resting when you need to. It’s easy to spend the final days of summer out in the sun, but the sun can tire you out quickly and make going through choreography a drag.  

Have Fun

No matter what this season brings, we’re sure it will be filled with fun, laughter, connection, and victories. With that in mind, make sure you enter choreo season with an open mind and a bright attitude. No matter what choreography you receive, you’ll be sure to shine when we hit the mat and show the competition what we can do. We’ll see you at all-star cheerleading choreography soon at MGA Cheer Extreme! Contact us today to learn more about our program and our choreo schedule.