We hear the situation all the time — an athlete who was once madly in love with the sport is now done. They don’t have the drive to practice, and the idea of coming back to the gym yet again is pulling them down. Even if you’ve never been exhausted to the point of hating something you once loved, chances are you know plenty of people who have. Today, we’re going to tackle how to conquer cheer burnout and keep the energy up!

What Causes Cheer Burnout?

First, we have to think about the source of burnout. This can vary from kid to kid. High school-aged athletes have a tendency to become overwhelmed with their responsibilities. From tests to jobs, college prep to any other extracurriculars, cheer may feel like a chore added to that list. For younger kids, this burnout can come from being overworked. Even though young kids have plenty of energy, they still struggle to stay excited about going to the same place day in and day out, especially if they have been frustrated lately.

Creative Solutions

Of course, since these age groups have different reasons for feeling burnt out, the solutions will need to be different, as well.

High Schoolers

Many all-star cheerleaders choose to leave the sport by the time they reach high school. The demands become too much, and their lives change. In some cases, this is unavoidable. However, a little bit of planning ahead can help mitigate this feeling. Work with your high schooler to develop a set schedule. Consider a healthy, balanced school schedule and how that relates to their extracurriculars. Some activities may need to be cut, and that’s totally okay, no matter what they may be. The mental wellbeing of your athlete is much more important.

Elementary School

Usually, kids this young don’t get burnt out over cheer. However, that doesn’t mean your child won’t throw a fit before practice. If this happens, get to the bottom of why. Do they not have many friends on the team? Do they feel as though they are falling behind their peers? Is their coach not communicating well enough to help them succeed? Finding out the source of their unhappiness is the first step to helping them get back into the swing of things with confidence and enthusiasm.

What to Do

Here’s what to do if you suspect your athlete is struggling with cheerleading burnout:

  • Talk to them to discover the source of their unhappiness
  • Come up with schedule-balancing ideas
  • Encourage them to bond with their team
  • Speak with the coaches about your concerns to see if they have any insight
  • Respect your athlete’s feelings on the matter
  • Check for other areas of stress in their life

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, there are steps you can take to help your athlete feel more invested in cheer. Feel free to talk to our coaches to learn more!

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