We’ve all been told at one point or another that “practice makes perfect,” but we urge you to challenge this idea — especially when it comes to cheerleading. Cheerleaders practice a lot, but it doesn’t take a professional to tell when one of our athletes is having an off day. From a bad attitude to lazy motions, we know that our athletes don’t always give all their effort 100 percent of the time. However, we want to change that. After all, we perform the way we practice.

Effort in the gym matches your ability on the competition mat.

Imagine you have your back handspring, and it’s quite pretty when you give full effort. You show up to tumbling class and do a few each day. However, when it’s time for full outs and tumbling run-throughs, you tend to just do enough to land and get to your next spot. Do you think that, magically, your back handspring will be beautiful on competition day? 

Competitions demand you give full effort in every section of the routine. From your opening to your elite stunt, your pyramid to your dance, there is no room for “breaks.” There is no section where you can give less-than and still expect to receive a great score. And that is where many cheer teams fall short. If you practice your stunts at 100 percent, but never give your all during tumbling, what will happen when you give your best on the competition mat? It’s going to burn your energy and affect the rest of your routine.

Technique, technique, technique.

Once you understand that you will perform the way that you practice, you will understand the difference between a good athlete and a great one. The way to become great? Using proper technique every single time you do something. Yes, we said Every. Single. Time. If you’re tired, use better technique. If you are distracted, dial in on your technique. If you are mad at your teammates, channel that frustration into the best possible technique. When you can perform during your worst moods, you’ll be able to really put on a show when you’re feeling your best. Giving your all, all of the time, can be exhausting. But it has to be done in order to succeed. 

Get your teammates on the same page.

While practicing perfect technique will ensure your jumps are the best and your tumbling is exactly on time, your technique won’t help your teammates in the same fields. Make sure they understand the importance of technique. It’s not your job to coach them, but you certainly can encourage them. Tell them when their pass looked great. Mention how awesome their jumps are during practice. Plus, it never hurts to lead by example. Show off what you can do at every opportunity. Not only will you improve, but you’ll be putting on a true performance when it’s time to head to the competition floor.

Find your potential with MGA Cheer Extreme

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