When it comes to your child’s education and their extracurriculars, there is no doubt about it — school comes first. However, our kids don’t always see it that way. While there are so many educational and life-long benefits that come from cheerleading, neither you nor the coaches want your child’s grades to suffer because they aren’t prioritizing their work. Today, we are going to discuss the top ways to help your child understand the importance of school while still giving their all to both cheerleading and their education.

Set Up a Schedule

Most of the time, athletes struggle with getting their work done because they forget to plan accordingly. When cheerleading practice is at 7 PM and lasts until 9 PM, kids don’t have the energy to come home and do homework — they want to go to bed, shower, or unwind from the day they had. Kids, teens especially, are expected to accomplish so many things throughout a day; the least of their worries, when they are exhausted, is going to be homework. Set up a schedule with your child to ensure homework is done immediately after school. Make a set routine so they know they get to come home from school, finish their homework, then go to cheer practice. Hopefully, this will help them feel some consistency and allow them to excel in school.

Talk About Why It Matters

Athletes usually know why school is important, but it can be hard to feel the value of a good education when you’re worried about landing your tumbling pass at the cheerleading competition. Take some time to sit down with your athlete and explain the importance of school — even the subjects they don’t like. If college is in their future, explain that they could cheer in college too if they work hard, but they’ll have to have good grades to get into the school first. Hopefully, this will motivate them and help them understand why you are pressing so hard for their schoolwork to be completed.

Take Homework with You

With all the travel cheer demands, it can be hard to find time to complete any assigned schoolwork. However, particularly when traveling to national cheerleading competitions, there is quite a bit of downtime. Bring your kid’s homework and push get some extra math problems done before they hit the mat! Once your athlete is done with their school work, they will be more likely to relax and actually enjoy their time without stressing about school.

Don’t Threaten

No matter what you do, do not threaten to take away cheerleading practice if your child does not finish their homework. We understand that may seem like an effective punishment, but it also punishes the other athletes who cannot work on their skills without their teammates. Determine consequences for incomplete homework, but do not use cheer practice or competitions as leverage to get them to complete their work.

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