Kids cheeringAs a father of two young boys,  I want to make sure I give my children every advantage, and maybe a little edge, when it comes to school and in life. When doing some research on how to become a better parent, I stumbled across a great article on the benefits of after-school activities.  I felt this article was so informative, I wanted to share a few of the highlights of the highlights with you!

Top 7 Things a Parent Should Know About the benefits of Afterschool Activities

  • Better Behavior in School: Research has shown kids who participate in after-school activities have a greater level of attention in class, are more engaged in school, and helps with behavior problems.
  • Better Time Management Skills: When children are on schedules, it helps to develop the time management skills needed to attend college.
  • Builds Confidence:  We have experienced this one first hand!  It seems like every time a child rings the bell for the first time,I get a letter from a parent saying we are “helping to boost their child’s self-esteem.”
  • Healthy Lifestyle:  Research has shown that kids who participate in after-school activities are less likely to have weight issues.
  • Improving Social Skills:  When kids interact with kids outside of school, they are more likely to learn how to make new friends, develop skills like teamwork, and support their peers in challenging situations.  These traits help develop strong leadership skills.
  • Helps to Overcome Stress of School Life:  In a world where kids can be cruel, unkind, and bully others, after-school programs can help remove the stresses that our children are faced with on a daily basis.
  • Lower Dropout Rates:  Studies show kids who participate in after-school activities are less likely to drop out of school.

If you would like to read the whole article simply click here.  

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