You see cheerleaders, I see a way of LIFE!

You see the word CHEER-leader, I see the word cheer –LEADER!

You see a team, I see a FAMILY!

Where you say “I”, I say “WE” because TOGETHER WE CAN!

What you see as Failure, I see as a learning opportunity…

Because I am MGA STRONG!

Because I am MGA STRONG….

I am taught not to look for the easy road, because life is hard and no one will ever give me anything unless it is earned

Because I am MGA STRONG….

I am taught, “never to give up”, that through PERSISTANCE and PERSEVERANCE, I can achieve what others deem as impossible.

Because I am MGA Strong….

I am taught to respect everyone and Fear No One!

Because I am MGA STRONG….

I am taught the only way to get over my fears, ARE TO FACE MY FEARS!

Because I am MGA STRONG….

I will not be bullied, because of the CONFIDENCE that my coaches, mentors, and MGA family members have instilled in me.

While you wear your logo on your chest with pride, I WEAR THE MGA LOGO IN MY HEART WITH HONOR!

I know with Motivation and Goal setting, I can Achieve my dreams…