If you are just going this conversation, you can read tips 1-3 by clicking the links below.

Tip 1- P to the second power!

Tip 2- You Are What You Eat!

Tip 3-Sleep Like an Olympian

Tip # 4-It’s not a vacation, it’s a competition! The thing I like most about cheerleading is getting to travel. Often times, big nationals are held in places that you have always wanted to see. With that being said remember your child has a job to do and her/his team is counting on them to be 100%. If your competition takes you to a new city, of course we want you to enjoy it, but then take a day or two off from school and work and go a day ahead of time, or stay a day later to see. The worst thing you can do as a parent is to drag your child around a city for 4 and 5 hours the day of their competition and then expect them to be 100%. If you did not read Tip 3 about proper sleep, go back and read it if you think staying up until midnight is ok just so you can eat at the local hot spot. I will save you the time; IT’S NOT!

The best time to tour the city is after your child’s competition is over. If your child is older, see if you can use the day as a college visits so your child is not counted absent. Stay the day after and tour the local university as well as other sites you have always wanted to see. If you followed STEP 1 P2, then you have been planning for this event, and did not let your child miss school so they could go the One Direction Concert and then they were too tired for school the next day. Remember the reason and probably the only reason you are at the city is because your child has a competition!