Many parents ask how early is too early for their kids to start tumbling, and the answer is there’s no such thing as being “too young” to start! That being said, maybe your nine-month-old isn’t quite fit for cheerleading, but your toddler could have the qualifications for a basic tumbling course! If you noticed your little one heading straight for the monkey bars or effortlessly scaling the jungle gym, then it’s time to sign them up for MGA Cheer Extreme in Macon’s Little Dipper Program, a tumbling class suited for children ages 3-5. Here are some ways signing up for a tumbling class at an early age can benefit your child!

Eliminates Fear

It’s important to overcome your fears early on in your life, so they don’t become hindrances when you grow older. When you introduce children to the world of tumbling, they learn how to run fast and jump high, and they’ll carry those motor skills with them into adulthood. By eliminating the fear of falling or getting hurt, they’ll reach new heights and get better with practice.

Teaches Self-Control

By the age of four, a child has gained control over most of their body, giving them a feeling of independence. Independence over their body inevitably leads to more active behavior, which might explain why your little one has so much energy! While high energy is great, children can learn to channel that energy towards jumps, stunts, and other gymnastic moves, thereby learning self-control. Our Little Dipper program encourages fun while reinforcing gym rules and procedures, such as waiting for your turn.

Builds Teamwork Skills

Your children are going through an autonomous phase in their life, where they feel proud doing things by themselves, but they’re also learning how to play well with others. Some kids are better at socializing than others, especially those with siblings, because they’ve had to learn how to communicate, share, and work together. Our tumbling classes are split up by age groups, so that every child has the chance to socialize and work as a team with other kids their age. By working together as a team, your child will develop many key social skills, such as patience, empathy, respect for others, and how to compromise.

Teaches How to Take Constructive Criticism

At MGA Cheer Extreme, our coaches do their best to create a fun, energetic atmosphere for your kids, but above all else, safety comes first! We train our young athletes to hold the correct form when executing jumps, stunts, and even stretches. With discipline and consistent coaching, your child will be immersed into an environment where feedback is the norm. The ability to take constructive criticism well and grow from it is a life lesson they need in order to succeed in the future.

Develops Confidence

There’s nothing like the feeling of your first “clean” landing! The more your child practices tumbling (the correct way), the more body-confident they’ll become. Cheer helps your child become confident in their bodies, as they master stunts, help out their teammates, and shine at competitions! Our team at MGA Cheer Extreme works hard to create a positive setting, encouraging young athletes to push through difficult obstacles.

Enrolling your young one into a cheering program will only help grow their leadership potential. For our youngest athletes (children ages 3-5), register for MGA Cheer Extreme’s Little Dipper Program. If your child is older than the age of five, then sign them up for a 30-minute skill evaluations meeting to see which class is right for them. See how cheerleading classes can benefit your child today!