I want to say congratulations and welcome everyone joining the MGA Family as we head into our 19th season. The lists below are the team placements with meet time and practice starting next week. We will provide all information regarding expected team levels, competitions, and yes, show the NEW MGA UNIFORM! We are super excited about all of our teams and the talent that has joined MGA this year. Please understand I will be spending time with my family this weekend and will not accept any phone calls or emails regarding our team placements. I look forward in meeting everyone next week as we head into 19 years of excellence!

If there is * beside your child’s name, we will discuss why your child was placed on two teams following our meetings Monday and Tuesday.

Listed below is when each team will meet for mandatory parent meeting as well as first team practice.

Twinklers Monday 6:00 pm
Sparklers Monday 7:00 pm
Starlights Monday 7:00 pm
Stars Monday 7:00 pm
Comets Tuesday 7:00 pm
Eclipse Tuesday 7:00 pm
Galaxy Tuesday 7:00 pm